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Pattaya Population

Pattaya Population generally comprises of the local Thais as well as a large number of foreigners who come to Pattaya to enjoy the hassle free life of the city.

The city is supposed to have a registered population of 104,318 inhabitants but the majority of the population in Pattaya consists of the Thais who work in Pattaya and the people who have emigrated here from other cities of Thailand and from different parts of the world. The number might be as high as 500,000. People of Thai-Chinese origin are also found to reside in Pattaya.

Pattaya’s excellent beaches, activities, entertainment, nightlife as well as the easy availability of western goods make it a favorite destination for the expatriates. There are more than around 12,000 residents from all over the world. Many of the residents of Bangkok also spent part of the year in Pattaya for work.

Pattaya is also a favorite destination for weekenders. Much of the Pattaya population consists of expatriate visitors living a retired life here. The relaxed life style of the beach resort welcomes many westerners to establish their second home here.

Thailand being a cheaper place than other western countries, more people are availing the property that suits their budget. Many of the retired westerners easily avail the hospital care at Pattaya because medical insurance is available at a cheaper price.

Westerners come here in large numbers and form the major bulk of the Pattaya’s population as all facilities similar to their parent country are available for an easy and comfortable life style. Shopping malls, international restaurants, local bars, social clubs and movie houses are found in abundance in Pattaya. Pattaya hardly resembles with any of the Thai places in Thailand and has a distinct beauty of its own. This is another reason that accounts for the increasing population of Pattaya.
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